Secrets of growth

There is much we can learn from the cultivation of plants - in particular, nourishment, perseverance and harvest.

Growth comes with the correct nourishment - whether sunlight, soil, weather, and nutrients for plants; or support, leadership, compassion, rest and accountability for us.

Often I'm inspired by my Grandpa's pothos vine: after Grandma had passed, he continued to care for all her plants.  Grandpa cultivated her pothos vine with the same approach he cultivated his life: with determination, control and organization.  After his passing, I was struck: he had kept the pothos vine pruned as a small, contained potted houseplant.  But as I removed the vine from its pot to wrap it in damp newspaper for the flight home, I found that the roots had grown to the full expanse of the pot.  It was like an iceberg - seemingly small at the surface, and full of strength, size and weight below.  Over the years, Grandma and Grandpa's pothos vine has flourished.

Grandma and Grandpa's pothos vine, approximately 3 years after his passing.

Grandma and Grandpa's pothos vine, approximately 6 years after his passing.

Our small airplant reminds me that nourishment can seem invisible.  No soil, no water; yet this little plant flourishes, pulling what it needs from the air itself.


Earlier this spring we were awoken in the middle of the night to the raging of near-tornadic winds and pounding hail.  The next morning, hours after the storm had subsided, hail was still piled up like snow.  The storm had pummeled our plants, and the bittergourd and hops took the brunt.  As in life, there are storms which can frighten and damage us.  But we must persevere to stand up, partner together, and regain our strength with greater wisdom and perspective.  

It is after a season of nourishment and perseverance, that we are rewarded with the harvest.  It is joyous and satisfying.


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