LeadingAge Conference: Dr Atul Gawande & Dr Joseph Coughlin

Day two and three of the LeadingAge Annual Conference brought Dr Atul Gawande and Dr Joseph Coughlin as keynote addressees.

Dr Atul Gawande, surgeon and writer, emphasized that "medicine works best when it works with people's goals," encouraging a partnership between the medical world and senior services in support of each person's individual goals.  In particular, he shared Dr Jeffrey Brenner's rabbit hole journey to analyze the high cost of healthcare in the community he served, and how he and his team simply, effectively intervened for the benefit  of patients and the cost of the healthcare system itself.

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Dr Joseph Coughlin, PhD and Director of the MIT AgeLab, discussed the changing face and needs of our aging population.  Key trends: the need to personalize service for each individual; to support aging individuals and their loved ones in providing clarity and consult, not products; to manage chronic conditions in order to continue quality of life.

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