LeadingAge Conference: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

I have the good fortune to attend the LeadingAge Annual Conference.

Introductory ceremony, recognizing local elders and veterans.

Today opened with Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the keynote address.

So struck by the similarity in joy, forgiveness and conveyance between Archbishop Tutu and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Archbishop Tutu started his address with a story that he and his wife had been in attendance at a celebration for a 400 year old school.   A young girl approached him and asked, "Were you here when the school was started?"  He laughed and said to us, "I knew I was decrepit, but I didn't realize it was that obvious."

There was a theme in the Archbishop's presentation - that we are called for something great.  He spoke often of tales in the Scriptures, in which God asks people to be his partners.  And he closed with a story about a farmer who kept chickens.  But one chicken was odd.  Still, this chicken pecked at the seed and walked around like a chicken.  Then, a person of knowledge came to the farmer and said, "That is not a chicken - it is an eagle."  The person of knowledge asked to take the eagle, carried the bird to the mountaintop with the rising sun.  And the person whispered to the eagle, "You are an eagle.  Now, fly."

And thusly, the Archbishop closed his presentation,
whispering to us, "Now, fly."

10/23/12: Blog update: Archbishop Tutu wrote a foreword in the picture book, Fly, Eagle, Fly


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