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What I've learned from participants of Alzheimer's Association workshops

It's now over a year since I've been volunteering on the Alzheimer's Association Speakers' Bureau. It's an honor, and I feel a great responsibility to do what's right by these elders, their loved ones and professionals. Having served almost 8 years in senior living, I believe that together, we're a village; and so I encourage workshop participants to share their hurdles and best practices. Here are some of my favorites:

= Hometown newspaper: A daughter shared that her Mom grew up in a small Nebraska farming community. She was able to find archived editions of the town newspaper during her Mom's youth and so printed out multiple sets. It's a beautiful reminiscence together - old memories, community gossip, events and photos spark conversation and warmth. 
= Physician's appointments: Many families have discuss best practices during a physician's appointment for an elder who is in the initial stages of their journey. Loved ones seek to enforce…

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