Is it Godin's book sales, community or influence?

You know I love Seth Godin. (In fact, sometimes I skip his blog post because I feel I haven't prepared enough for it.)

In his post, Empty Your Library, he asks owners of his books to give them away, "They're not earning interest unless people are reading them. Ideas that spread, win."

And for me I'm reminded of the power of community, rather than the quick-and-now purchase. Godin is a multi-platform individual - author, speaker, influencer and more. It's not enough to sell a few books - it is enough to foster a dialogue, build community, create evangelists towards some action.

Purchase is indeed necessary in any economy (you also know I love business), but in this day, you cannot simply sell a product / experience - there must be more. Millions versus millions. The game has grown so much larger.


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