Which millions matter? Fede Alvarez’s Ataque de Pánico (Panic Attack)

The story is everywhere, and it’s so cool: Fede Alvarez spends $300 to make a four-minute short film, which is picked up by Hollywood director Sam Raimi (Spiderman, among others) for $30 million.

So which millions matter? Sure, Yahoo is hailing the fairy tale aspect of the money value of the deal.

But what about 3.2 million? At present, that’s the number of You Tube views for Fede’s upload of his film (plus another 500,000 or so of other related uploads). Viral. Hollywood bought a cool film with a substantial existing base of supporters.

* Reminds me of Christina Arbini’s recent article on 1st Turning Point, about the importance of promotion and marketing for pre-published authors.

* Reminds me of 90% of what’s shared by marketing masters Seth Godin and Chris Brogan.

* Reminds me of Boyd Morrison’s success on Kindle and Kindle Forum as a tipping point for selection by publishing giant Simon & Schuster.

* Reminds me of Chris Anderson’s clever free release of his book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price.

The new wave: establish a base, an audience, a constituency first and success follows.


  1. Great post, Brenda, and thanks so much for mentioning my article! :-)

  2. As a starving artist waiting for the first time author's deal, I'd say the first million counts the most. That's the money needed to share with everyone who gets a piece of the pie. Making the author's cut seem even less. The money isn't all that important compared to the joy and elation of being selected to see your dream in print and on the bookshelves.


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