It's always such a delight and honor for me to present workshops at various conferences or gatherings. No, the attraction for me isn't the glory and cheering fans - it's the chance to create a few moments of collaboration with strangers and friends. 40 minutes, an hour, and look what we can create together. Sure, there is always a package of information I'd like to present through a workshop, but for me what's more important, what takes precedence, is discovering what the attendees and participants need to take away. What can we discover together, what can we create together.

So this is what I'm thinking these days as I prepare to present at the Write on the Sound Writers' Conference and Emerald City Writers' Conference.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Blogs recommended at my Write on the Sound Workshop:

Chris Brogan

Seth Godin
Shameless Book Addict
Edyta Szyszlo
Bellevue Skate Park


  1. I am deeply humbled to be included in this list - thank you so very much! Love your workshops - both as an audience member, and as a presenter myself. I'll admit that I've tried my best to channel some of your techniques on occasion! Have a great time, and be sure to post afterwards.

  2. I participated in your workshop: The Big 3. It was amazing! You definitely have a talent and use it well. Thank you for the opportunity, you helped make the conference enjoyable. I really did walk away feeling I could do some simple steps to further my goals.

  3. Erin, you're so kind. I'd wanted to give the workshop participants good examples of blogs both within and without the book world (always good to engage others).

    Tamara, I'm delighted you had a nice time with the workshop - do let me know how your journey continues.


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