I love movies in a box in a convenient location: MovieCube!

MovieCube is, simply, brilliant: a vending machine for $1 movie rentals in convenient locations like grocery stores. Brilliant, no? There’s also Redbox.

My beloved and I love movies (particularly foreign films, good action / effects, and stupid comedies and definitely definitely documentaries), but we don’t like dropping dough. So, while we view most of our movies on loan from our library system, sometimes we’re in a pinch and want a flick, and so to the grocery store for a good deal. It’s efficient, convenient and cheap – I love that someone looked at how many live their lives and saw a way to create a simple business with a big effect.

And I'm not the only one: in researching this post, I discovered an entire fan site devoted to Redbox (though, the fan support appears to advocate sharing coupons for free rentals - not good for Redbox's gross margin).

But, back to another side of business: it appears that MovieCube might be closing many of its locations. There have been reports that MovieCube and Redbox were targeted by established "traditional" movie vendors. Certainly MovieCube pose a large threat: convenience, cost, and less market share for the established. The MovieCube locations I frequent are closing, and - capitalism or no - I'm disappointed to see they didn't make the cut.


  1. Its really tough tightening their belts for small players this time around.

    Thanks for sharing this Brenda. I should get around MovieCube.


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