Favorite DVDs

Favorite DVDs:

These films make the “favorite” ranking because I’ll watch them over and over, whether concentratedly or while working on projects. They feed my brain, my heart and my funny bone (if that’s possible).

* Cave of the Yellow Dog: A classic retelling of the child / pet friendship story, this film follows a nomadic Mongolian family. Such an honest, touching look at life – so much of this story crosses cultures. (My first best friend was a German Shepherd named Butchie.)

* Story of the Weeping Camel: A gratitude-inspiring observation of camel herders in the Gobi desert trying to initiate the bond between a mother and her newborn calf.

* The Great Match: Every four years much of the world slows to a rhythmic pace in time with the World Cup. This film follows three groups of people who must overcome impressive hurdles to view the Final.

* Keeping Up Appearances: Brilliant BBC comedy about a classist socialite wannabee who inadvertently breaks all the rules of good manners. Very funny.

* Robert Thurman’s lectures on Tibet & Buddhism: Noted expert speaks so comfortably and naturally about the histories of Tibet and of Buddhism. Enjoyable educational.

* Himalaya: Battle between the iconoclast and the traditionalist in the high Himalaya, very near to the home of my husband’s family.

Hoping these films are a delight to you as well.


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