Rick Steves, Suze Orman – influencers

I do love the great influencers, those who understand what inspires us to act and think. Of course there are the great military leaders (Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Ghengis Khan, Joan of Arc), the political movers, the business and community leaders, and other public figures.

Travel writer and host Rick Steves and financial coach Suze Orman are great influencers in their spheres. What do I see as their most powerful aspect? Both Rick and Suze alay our fears and empower us to step out.

All throughout Rick’s tv series, you’ll hear his affirmations: you can travel Europe successfully and frugally on your own; there is a commonality among people no matter where we live; and respectful, clear communication (“simple English” with key polite words in the language of the land you’re visiting) will make your travel more enjoyable and more smooth.

And Suze, while she is doling advice about retirement and credit card balances, you will hear her speaking about the fears that bind us – when we fear over our self-worth, our future or our present. I don’t know whether this is a tenet of Suze, but she seems to say that our relationship to money can be a manifestation of other, deeper perspectives we hold.

So it seems that the great influencers – or at least some of them – recognize what inspires us to act and think… and what hinders us therein.


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