Favorite leadership / management books

Here they are, my favorites:

Made to Stick: Powerful. Looks at how we can communicate effectively, respective to our audience and the scenario.

48 Laws of Power: Great analysis of human nature, with wide-ranging illustrative examples. Both of the Greene books might feel pretentious in the first few chapters – they did for me, but then I was hooked.

33 Strategies of War: An effective follow to 48 Laws of Power. For me, 33 Strategies of War offers insight particularly for larger campaigns.

Influencer: Inspiring, with large global examples how to effectively influence behavior change in a community. A nice complement to Made to Stick, which feels to me more individual and more personal.

Microtrends: Eye-opening. An influential pollster looks at trends with significant adherents. In this wired age, micro groups can be quite powerful – recognize and reach out.

The Ten-Minute Trainer: I love love this book. Filled with concrete tools to be a better presenter in this day for modern, distracted, wired audiences. Its basic premise relates to our television society: be sure to break training / presentation segments into bite-sized pieces, re-orienteering often and embracing various learning styles.

Also, all of these books are easily skim-able. I read voraciously and am busy – I like succinct, brilliant concepts. Not too much to ask, is it?

Incidentally, I do find it ironic that there aren’t interactive blogs or websites for these books (or, that the blogs / websites don’t measure up to the books themselves). Maybe that’s all right: maybe it’s sufficient that these are great books.

What do you think about leadership / management – are there those you consult for advice and insight?

- Brenda Gurung


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