New beginnings

As I’m sure some of you would imagine, I’ve been thinking a lot about new beginnings, cycles and change these days as I’m transitioning into the next stage of my career.

* Seasons: Just as there are seasons of weather, there are seasons in our lives. And we are so much more than one season – for example, more than a spouse, more than a banker, more than a volunteer. I find it’s easy to take a step into the next season – a bit like that inspiring phrase for difficult circumstances, “This too shall pass.”

Bellevue Botanical Garden

* Space for growth: There is a spiritual principle I’ve always loved, that we must make space for upcoming blessings. In other terms, we might say that we cannot remain in the past, holding on to past glory, past failure.

Granny's back yard - beautiful

* Do-svidanye or do-vstreche: There was a phrase we’d utter in Russian, “We don’t say ‘Goodbye,’ we say ‘Until we meet again.’” There is great comfort in knowing that we needn’t end a relationship simply because our season (our work, our volunteer service, our home) has changed. Goodness, with technology alone, we’re able to remain connected, if we so choose.

Throwing a lasso at a local reindeer festival in Siberia

* Best efforts & fortune telling: I don’t know about you and your skills, but I and those I love are yet unable to predict the future. So, for me it is consolation enough to make the best decisions and plans as I can now and to give myself a measure of grace if and when something unexpected occurs.

View of the Dhaulagiri Mountain range from the village of Jhong, in the Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal

So for me, no, there isn’t great turmoil or fear with a new beginning. Instead, the new beginnings are – when possible – undertaken based on good planning and taken with anticipation for the future. Like Japanese death poems, new beginnings embody a culmination of learning.


  1. Brenda,
    I heard just last week that you were moving on in your career. Made me a little sad, as I'll miss you at Jane's parties (if she is ever to successfully have another without you!). However, for you, I am very happy for your growth and your new beginning. May it be everything you hope and planned for!
    Shannon McKelden

  2. What a kind message, Shannon - thank you. Jane is absolutely amazing, and I look forward to her next event. She's such a generous person, isn't she?


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