Who is that?

We are all, each of us, a master of some kingdom, whether large or miniscule, influential or unknown.

So I’m thinking about this from two perspectives:

* You never know who’s across the table or counter from you. There’s the Nobel Laureate married to a member of the writing critique group I love (you know, the group whose meetings I enjoy crashing). There’s the audience attendee with whom I share a mutual Facebook friend, who recognizes me as I’m introducing an event and greets me following. There’s the modest Hong Kong film director who frequented the coffeeshop I love (I only discovered his past when a film crew showed up to interview him).

* But I’m also thinking about the bluster of someone who feels that they have earned more attention or respect than they’re receiving. More than anything, I witness these scenarios with sadness, wondering how we become so insecure.

So in the world of clients, donors, partners and … all those other human beings, I encourage you to remember that there are entire worlds inside each person. Discover, celebrate.

- Brenda Gurung


  1. Hi Brenda, I got your letter the other day - it sure took a long time to arrive! I'm glad you've got a blog as well :)


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