Creating the atmosphere to get things done

The onus is on you. You cannot change people, but you can indeed create an atmosphere conducive to getting things done.

It is absolutely critical to first observe the individuals involved (what are their motives, their goals, what makes them proud, what makes them scared) and to determine what your overall goal is. With this information you can then set the stage.

Now, this is not manipulation. It is instead a true recognition of the individuals involved and what they need in order to accomplish the desired goal.

Certainly there will be idealists among us who expect others to act rationally, consistently, and for the better good. But are we surrounded by those who act rationally, consistently, and for the better good? Probably not. We are instead surrounded by individuals with fears and troubles, who may be focusing on individual goals, who may be good at heart or maybe not. (In fact, if we were to look honestly, we would see the same descriptors in ourselves.)

It is not a sad picture. It is simple a recognition of the reality around us. The key is that you can take the initiative to observe and recognize, then you yourself create an appropriate atmosphere that will allow those participants to accomplish the desired goal.


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