Ani Difranco at the Airport

I loved that song by Ani Difranco, The Arrivals Gate, about the human emotions of the airport.

I’m here now, watching the welcome-back and the I’ll-miss-you-so-much, the hugs and kisses and the tearful, singsong I-love-you.

There’s parent waiting for their adult son, offering that mutual reserved respect. And the curly-haired, bubbly three year old girl who’s a bit overwhelmed to see her tree-sized father. She stays a couple paces distant, and then falls into a huge bear hug. (And of course I tear up. There are many tears at the airport.) There’s the young couple having a light meal outside security, the gentleman in his military fatigues. And the elderly couple, each carrying one handle of their shared duffle bag.

It’s a beautiful place, the airport. (If it weren’t for the parking fees, I’d probably sit here all afternoon, watching lives.)


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