Knowing what’s right

Vs doing what’s right – sometimes we’re simply too busy

I’m not talking about morality. I’m talking about doing work well. I see this most often when working with volunteer or non-profit organizations. Have you seen those individuals in their career job who cannot execute the same task for a charitable purpose?

In the committee or board meeting there is a sense of what can be done, but so often not a sense of what we will be able to accomplish in our limited non-work time.

It was striking for me when I first realized this. I knew I could arrange media attention, or drive attendance, or establish viral marketing. I knew I could do it. But the critical piece is to step back and look at the reality of life and the timeframe for the charitable project.

I cannot stress enough: map out your usable time for this charitable project before you determine what can be done. Results and execution are key to its success.


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