Generating the seed of Respect

So last week, I witnessed a conversation that has had me in contemplation: why and how does someone gain respect of their peers or network?  The moment of truth in this conversation (for me) was that she said to her colleague, "I feel you don't respect me." 

As we've discussed on other occasions, I feel we must each take the responsibility to make things better.  The onus is on each of us

So, some recommendations for generating respect:

* Don't expect.  Earn.  I guess this is the big question: is respect given or earned?  From my perspective, we are so much more likely to be given respect if we work to deserve it.

* Give.  There is reciprocity in the universe.  In the conversation I'd witnessed, it was clear she'd expected to be respected due to her degree, but the irony was that it appeared a one-sided expectation - expecting respect only for herself. for her degree, but no offer of respect for her colleague for her degree, experience, etc.  In fact, she appeared to have negligible knowledge of her colleague.

* Cultivate yourself.  Self-study is often beneficial.  Is there a hindrance to others giving you respect?  Remove it.  If you are (or appear to be) immature, lacking in confidence, inexperienced, non-proficient, lax; your likelihood for gaining respect will be less.

* Listen.  What are you being told - directly or indirectly?  For example, if your peer asks for explanation of your decision, is it a challenge to your professionalism, or is it evidence that you've not clearly communicated?

In short, Be respectable.


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