Nearby food - Locally grown, locally raised

You've heard of the Slow Food movement, the return to more traditional farming practices to encourage healthier food and a more sustainable process.


Community Supported Agriculture: An incredible movement, in which consumers buy a share of a local farm, guaranteed a portion of fresh veggies / fruit / eggs / meat each week. It's great for the farmer because it creates a revenue foundation and buffer; great for the consumer because, well, fresh food weekly.

Local Dirt: Caught a story on NPR's Morning Edition today, which highlighted Local Dirt, a search site to locate fresh farming sellers by distance from a location. (I believe Local Dirt's base is the upper Midwest, and it appears that their reach hasn't spread completely.)

Hopelink's Farmers' Market: A social services non-profit, Hopelink began a farmers' market to provide fresh farm goods to the community, and - get this - WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons are accepted.

Mark Bittman's book, Food Matters: You know I love Mark Bittman's work, and his book, Food Matters, encourages the consumption of more plants - both for personal health and for a smaller carbon footprint.

Missouri and New Zealand dairy farmers: NPR's Marketplace covered a partnership between Missouri and New Zealand dairy farmers resulting in a cost-effective practice of free range grazing, lessening the high cost of disease and contamination when animals are kept in close quarters.

RootFood: How often can I rave about RootFood? Foodies Erin and Michael often share local culinary delights.


  1. Great info and links. Thanks! Many of us are turning to more natural foods and practices to combat our cancers. This is a timely post. Thanks!

  2. What a great post! Thanks so much Brenda. I'll repost this on FaceBook, I liked it so much. You were so inspiring when I took a seminar you gave at Write on the Sound last year.

  3. Mindy, just discovered your Mothers Living with Cancer blog. What a powerful gathering - thanks for creating such a community.

  4. Very kind of you, Debra. Loved your "asparagus bones" piece - I'd never heard them called that. (Shared it on my facebook, too!)

    Thanks also for the Write on the Sound comment - it was a great afternoon. My first WOTS.


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