Great presentations

Gosh, I do absolutely love presenting - whether workshops, training, mentoring. Love it. There is such a joy and a game in building a relationship with a group of individuals, sharing knowledge and being transformed in the process.

* Six Pixels of Separation: So, delighted with Mitch Joel's recent post, The One Thing You Need to Know for Public Speaking Success. Mitch's emphasis: content is key.


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  2. Thanks to Barbara, a colleague, who posted her thoughts via facebook:

    Brenda, Great thoughts about presenting. As far a Power Point--I get a knot in my stomach when I think of ONE. MORE. Power Point.... I've been trying to move to a Web 2.0 resource--and am thrilled with what options I have-and how easy it is--but of course, it takes a bit of time to become more comfortable with it. Right now I'm focusing on and am truly thrilled with the results--and the fact it is a collaborative tool is such a bonus.


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