Visioning and goal-setting

We're well underway in 2015, just about to close Q1.  How do you envision your goals and resolutions?

Some oh-so-wise friends have shared their processes over the years:

- The super-creative marketer, community builder, and production leader, Jessie Portlock installs key messages of her goals throughout her home - sometimes in plain sight, other times hidden for forgotten-discovery later. My favorite gem she shared is that she also designated a theme song for each of her major goals, so that it becomes an Inception-style auditory cue.

- Author, speech writer and marketing genius, Justina Chen delved into a visioning exercise for Terra, the main character of her novel, North of Beautiful. An artist, Terra creates vision boards, collages of where she wants to be and what she wants to accomplish.  And I was delighted to see author, artist, fashion icon and all-around-amazing-person Lorie Ann Grover's vision board for 2015 - awesome, Lorie Ann!

While reading Rosamund and Benjamin Zander's The Art of Possibility, I  thought of a visioning exercise: write my desired author or presenter bio.   Loved it!  Right now, I have two versions: a brief bio paragraph with the specific, detailed targets; as well as a collection of bullet points.  


  1. Love that you are stopping and assessing and then moving forward passionately! Brava!


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