Wiring lighting with Seth Godin

A fan of Seth Godin's indeed, but I didn't expect he would help me install lighting.  More on wiring lighting later.

Reading Godin's the dip has been delightful - in Godin's special way, it is simple and inspiring.  The message is that to be uber-successful in your chosen realm, you must know when to push through and when to quit.  

Godin gives multiple clear-cut (Made to Stick -style) examples, including:

"Like most people, all day long, every day, you use your muscles.  But they don't grow.  You don't look like Mr Universe because you quit using your muscles before you reach the moment where the stress causes them to start growing."

Giving advice we don't normally hear, Godin encourages us to quit for a couple reasons:
* We should quit distractions or energy-sucks that pull us away from our target goal.  
* We should quit when we discover that the path is not simply difficult but when it is destined for unsuccess.

Not long after reading the dip, I was pleased to discover this cartoon on LinkedIn: 

Timely, yes?

And now, to the lighting.  

I have been in the midst of a series of home improvement projects - so fulfilling and sometimes challenging.  When I began an hour-and-a-half project to remove old vanity lighting, wire a new fixture, sand and repaint the drywall; I did not expect to install (unsuccessfully) 2 fixtures and finally (successfully) install a third over the course of a day.

The original "hollywood" vanity light fixture, which exuded too much heat and was dated:

At 7 pm that evening (in between several other projects), I was just about to walk away from this lighting project for the night, when I thought of Godin's the dip.  Silly, certainly.  A great lesson learned which coalesced so quickly what I'd been reading, yes!  So, a third trip to the hardware store, and 45 minutes later, a beautiful fixture.  The next day, sanding and painting.

Thanks, Godin, for your help to wire lighting... and for your continued inspiration to be creative, to be wise, and to succeed.


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