Cultivating team growth

I had the good fortune to participate in the Eden Alternative Certified Associate Training earlier this month.  Fabulous.

Two of my favorite colleagues pictured here in their expressive team-building exercise.

For those of you who don't know, the Eden Alternative is a "culture change" movement within senior services to empower seniors in care communities to live vibrantly and to put as much of the decision-making back into their hands.

The Eden Alternative draws many comparisons between gardening and cultivating "culture change."  There is much emphasis place on preparing the soil for seed and plant growth.

As I'd shared before, there is agronomy in my genes.  That said, for the first time in my gardening journeys, I have begun to dig in the soil itself - beyond the container garden.  It is more strenuous, breaking, and fulfilling.

And I am reminded of team growth - particularly as I've been conducting reviews and "Stay Conversations."

My Grandfather's pothos vine 
- a year ago...

... and today.

Team members are motivated for growth, change, and success for varying reasons.  It is not enough to dig a hole and dump a tomato plant - ie, not the same coaching technique and followup for each team member. Native plants may have the necessary skills to resist a drought that non-native plants would not - ie, some team members come to the table with necessary skill sets, and others will flourish with regular watering.  And I rejoice as bees, hummingbirds and sphinx moths partake in the garden I've cultivated - ie, growth, success and happiness of my team members, those we serve and myself.


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