My Dad is cooler than your Dad

It's not a throw-down.  Simply, fact.

My Dad, Pete, has been physically fit and strong most (if not all) of his life.  He regularly works out at his gym - he's sort of the Don there.  In fact, a few years ago, one of the guys at the gym  said to another gentleman, "Well, sure, I was as strong as Pete when I was his age," not realizing that my Dad is 10 years his senior.

My Dad carries a wealth of Dad-jokes: in fact, I guarantee that shortly before or after this photo, he would have pretended to catch a small fish or crawdad in his hands.  He'd call to myself or my siblings, saying "Come look - I caught something."  And as we'd peak into his cupped hands, he'd splash us with water.  It was quite a few years before I figured it out, and it gives great pleasure to see him playing the same trick on the grandkids.

I credit my Dad with teaching us to be observant - whether of the deer along the highway, or of the snake in the grove - to be vigilant, to appreciate the beauty around us.  In that respect, he was the first person to introduce to me the concept of Mindfulness, even though he never referred to it as such.

And it was from both my parents that I learned the value and importance of hard work, the necessity of endurance, and service to others.  On the way to visit Granny one summer, my Dad stopped to help a European family whose car had broken down and, without a common language, they found a way to communicate.

My Dad taught us to look to our destiny, and then to create it.

My Dad has been a great sport with his kids.  When we have family gatherings, often there is a croquet match or board game.  He laughs right along with the good-natured teasing - particularly when he is called out during a game of Apples to Apples or Balderdash.  Similarly, My Dad, the ace-fisher and hunter let me catch the larger number of fish when he was first teaching me during a visit to Granny's home in Florida.

He's always had a sense of his own style (pictured here with his always-classy bride, my Mom).

And he's always rocked the mustache.

I love you, Dad!  Thanks for being such an inspiration, a role model, and a great support.  Happy Father's Day!


  1. Beautiful Brenda! I think your dad is very proud of his accomplished and kind daughter and he seems like a super dad!


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