Circumambulating - serving several clients at the same time

There is a practice, particularly in Himalayan Buddhism of Tibet and Nepal, of circumambulation - devotional walking around a sacred object or space.

Even though our surroundings, work and relationships change, we constantly circle particular lessons, habits and relationship interactions. In the perspective of circumambulation, we have the opportunity for further growth and reflection.

And so I regularly circle both the struggle and opportunity to serve several clients at the same time. In my work in senior living, potential clients drop in or call - and often overlap with each other and with existing clients, all who have need. So, the struggle and opportunity is to create a relationship with each, answering as much of their need as possible, and making arrangements for next steps.

Sometimes I fail.

Particularly in my current work in skilled nursing, potential residents and their loved ones have limited time and are usually in a high-stress situation, trying to arrange for a short-term rehabilitative therapy stay following hospitalization. Each potential resident and their loved ones are on a journey, and emotions and stresses are high.

I find success in serving these potential residents and their loved ones by being compassionate, helpful and frank. Another key to success is a team, collaborative approach. As a relationship manager, I’m always only one aspect of the final service for our clients - in this case, rehabilitative residents and their loved ones. And so it is critical that my colleagues be a part of the relationship from its beginning. When several inquiring families and new families need help at the same time, we can serve all of them when we work as a team.


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