Happy Holidays...

OR, Why I'm thankful.

In leiu of mailing holiday cards, I offer this blog post.

Looking back on this past year, there has been much good, and there is much for which to be thankful:

* Best friends: My beloved is my partner, my confidante, my advisor. He is the one of those who makes me want to be more. And what Thankful List would be complete without mentioning my little goofball and squirrel-chaser, Ginger.

* My residents: I work in senior living. It is daily that my residents remind me to work hard, to laugh, to celebrate, and to cherish.

* Colleagues: The power and impact of great individuals is magnified exponentially when they work together as a team. Sandra is the gold standard – she does everything, and she does all of it well. Tigist, Jacklyn, and MJ lead as great quarterbacks do – in the midst of the action, while seeing the whole field. Milia gives, always – she rarely tires, and she always puts others first. Kim mentors with such a breadth of experience, energy and humor, and she speaks with clarity.

* Sun!: I've lived in lands with little of it, and now I'm so pleased to feel its warm rays again.

* Good films: Some films shatter our perceptions (Inception), others inspire (The Way Back), others cross all borders (Cave of the Yellow Dog, The Great Match), others bring tears of laughter (Elf, Fawlty Towers) and tears of humanity (Up).

* Instant coffee: Most mornings, when I scoop the tablespoon into my cup, I'm reminded of my dear Grandma and Grandpa, who always had a jar of instant decaf near the kitchen table. It's a small sort of libation in their memory.

* Legacy: My parents have many legacies. I am grateful to have received their work ethic, their moral standards, their always-able-to-push-further endurance, and their never-ending love.

So it is in these thoughts of thankfulness that I wish you Happy Holidays!


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