Buyer's remorse

Or, continued customer service - which do you choose?

So often it seems that organizations spend so much effort to woo a potential client and much less energy to continue courting that same client. Much has been said about the benefits of retaining a loyal customer base: continued sales from that customer base, with increased sales through evangelism and the referral network of happy clients.

So, here are several effective ways to lessen the opportunities for buyer's remorse:

* Be accessible: You absolutely must – especially in this age – be present for your client. If they call, answer; if they email, respond; if they text, get your thumbs moving. And do it quickly – it is insufficient to respond late.

* Surprise and delight: Continue to woo your clients. Know them. Do something special for them, as is appropriate for your business model – whether it's something specifically personal to that individual client, or whether it's a large-scale surprise for your mass client base.

* Know your place: Know and remember how you fit into your clients' lives – are you an integral part of their day-to-day; are you synced to their happiness; are you a scheduled task; or are you one item on a very long to do list?

* Remain consistent: You and your product or service must remain, as you presented during the courtship of your client. Of course you grow and innovate, but there should not be anything that feels like a bait-and-switch.

* Be vigilant: Always, always expect that your competitor is preparing to woo your client away from you.


  1. Nice post Brenda. Isn't it the same with buying takes a reader seconds to buy or reject one at a bookstore.



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