Steven Seagal is not down for the count

Okay, I love Chuck Norris (who doesn't?) - from his battle with Bruce Lee, to Walker Texas Ranger Sundays with my Grandpa, to the famous Google search. And, relatedly, I enjoy giggling about Steven Seagal. Delighted are the tv-movie Sunday afternoons of Glimmer Man or Under Siege. In fact, I recall a film review for Glimmer Man noting that the only thing Buddhist about Seagal's character was his “Buddha-esque figure.”

But then I heard about Seagal's mentorship of MMA fighter (and middleweight champion), Anderson Silva, resulting in a powerhouse front kick knock-out.

And so I'm humbled. I had dismissed Seagal, yet he honed and then shared a skill that rocked the MMA world.

So, what more do others have to offer? Are there other Steven Seagals that we've deemed inconsequential, dried up, without impact, or done?


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