You're not the boss of me

... I am.

With the holiday season, I've been thinking about effectiveness at work (of course). You know, for my careers, the measure of success is tied directly to the needs of my clients. Their satisfaction, their delight, their peace of mind. So for me, days off, holidays, and work days are all relative to the needs of my clients.

* Balance: Gosh, I do struggle with work-life balance. In this realm, I take inspiration from those folks who keep work natural - they are available and effective, maintaining a "global" perspective on tasks, goals and clients. The client matters most.

* To do (or honey-do) list: It is not enough to cross tasks off your list. In a new economy, in which we have more to accomplish than is possible, we must stay laser-focused on what matters. The list will be there, always. Choose what you accomplish. See Seth Godin on busy-ness.

* Onus on you: Seth Godin and Chris Brogan (two of my favorites) coincide here, Godin on managing your own self, and Brogan on managing distractions.

* Technology & access: Everything changes. Abide, but do not remain stagnant. You absolutely must predict the future, see the trends, and adapt - for your own success, and for the wow-ing of your clients. See Seth Godin on being difficult to replace.

* ROWE: We'd talked previously about the concept of the Results Only Work Environment.

Update, Dec 28, 10:30 pm:

Just caught Mitch Joel's post on The Myth of Work Life Balance: "There is no such thing as work/life balance. By even saying there is such balance, you're making an internal agreement that work is not a part of a healthy life, and I just don't buy it. "


  1. Nice post Brenda and thanks for sharing some very good links. Hope you have a good work life this year.



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