Support Structures & Comrades

Common experience + listening ears + best practices = a support structure

There are trials and struggles, successes and great leaps forward. And there is such a power in connecting with those walking a similar journey. We need each other, we seek each other out. We band together under all sorts of connections – work colleagues (whether within or outside of the same organization), survivors of tragedy, visionaries, and other comrades-in-arms.

Reasons we connect, particularly in the difficult times:

* Sanity, or I’m-not-alone: Sometimes, particularly in a stressful scenario, we need a touchstone of reality, of sanity. We need to be reminded that we’re sane, on the right path, or that our perspective is (relatively) clear. We need validation.

* Becoming better: I think, innately, we want to be better. And so, when we face hurdles, obstacles, stumbling blocks, we tend to seek out those who’ve been there before us and who can help.

* Blowing off steam, or bitch-fest: Okay, it’s also the case that sometimes we just need to vent, to verbalize.

My comrades, there are so many of you. I thank you all, and hope that I can be (and hope that I have been) a support to you, as you have to me.

Let us continue on this journey.


  1. Loved your post and no truer than today! I just got laid off this month and am networking to keep a pulse on the business community. I am also looking into non-profit organizations that may need a database marketing person! Kudos to you Brenda!


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