Why we love Ikea

And we totally do.

So what is it about Ikea? I can’t be the only one who reads, re-reads, and re-re-reads (you get the idea) their catalog.

Now, if you don’t know Ikea, the short explanation is that it’s a global store for home furnishings – trendy, bright colors; inexpensive; self-assembly; big on space-conscious designs.

In a nutshell, I think we love Ikea because:

* Sunlight: Virtually every room on Ikea.com and in their catalog is flooded with bright, warm sunlight. It’s almost as if seeing photos of sunlight increases our Vitamin D – that mustn’t be possible, and yet I feel better, warmer looking at the images.

* Space: Ikea emphasizes space-consciousness. Got a 400 square foot studio? Utilize Ikea furnishings that provide storage, fold up, and serve multiple purposes. You’ve got plenty of room for a bed, dining set, and workstation – all without looking cluttered.

* Cost: Of course I can’t breeze past pricing. Ikea is known for their prices. In fact, their adverts feature examples like: This entire living room, for under $200!

* Family: I remember my first pilgrimage to Ikea. Sure, I was stunned by the size, cost and creativity; and then I saw two things: free day care, and a restaurant which also sells Gerber baby food. Ikea makes it easy for families with small children to stay and shop, shop, shop. They strategically eliminate reasons for you to leave without purchasing more.

* Utopia: And here’s the final piece: looking at Ikea adverts, they offer us a life we might wish we had. Most living room photos feature stacks and stacks of intelligent-looking journals and books; comfortable home offices; and kids that are doing creative projects. In short: smart, work, family (and sunlight).

One of my favorite companies, I marvel at Ikea. Thanks, Ingvar!

09/15/2010 blog post update:
Caught this video on facebook. A further evidence of Ikea's sensitivity to the power of utopia:


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