Favorite travel elements

To soak in life, like an antique enameled pan with warm water and epson salts for your feet after a long day.

When traveling, whether far-flung or near, there are recurring patterns for my beloved and I:

* Roaming: We always have a rough plan, and leave plenty of room for discovery, for that instantaneous “what’s down this small road?” approach. You know what they say about experiencing the journey rather than focusing only on the destination.

Farm valley near to Ellensburg, WA

* Beauty: Ah, there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes it’s a seascape or a great blue herron hunting. Other times it’s a quiet farm resting on rolling hills, with sheep, cows and horses communing together. And sometimes it’s an old town rediscovering a new life, a new industry. There’s always a story present.

Deer along Blewitt Pass in the North Cascades Mountains in WA

* Animals: I should really mention animals / wildlife in their own bullet point and not just under “Beauty.” We love watching for animals along the way and always feel a bit sad for others when they blow past without seeing what’s right next to them. Whether it’s a family of deer along a loose 55 degree slope, or a community of marmots, or a hawk swooping for the kill, it’s great fun to watch an animal going about their life. We were recently exploring the shores of Lake Chelan and saw a marmot… then, sensing eyes upon us, we realized we were surrounded by them.

Marmot on the shores of Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan, WA

* Food: This is a different one from both of our parents: growing up, we’d always brought sandwiches, juice and snacks with us while traveling. I remember fondly a couple large coolers with 15 cent generic-brand soda, apple juice, and potted meat. And while in Nepal, we took a day trip to Nagarkot and ate a tasty lunch which included fried eggs and cheura, dried flattened rice. But now, my beloved and I will include food in the roaming, usually seeking a local hot spot. Sometimes it’s disastrous, of course, but often it’s wonderful.

Great Blue Heron eating a fish near the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

* TV / Media: We love to taste local media – whether TV, radio or newspaper – as a quick barometer for the needs, concerns and inhabitants of a community. Similarly, it’s fascinating to observe the marketing efforts to reach that community.

And of course there’s the people. It’s always – always – about the people. We everywhere share divergent and intersecting opinions and knowledge. More than anything, I like to observe, listen, inquire. How else might we perceive?


  1. Brenda,
    The animals are a sight to see. Are these pictures from your recent travel?

    Sometimes in good weather, I also love to travel on the local forms of transportation. It gets me involved.

    - Suma.

  2. Thanks, Suma. Yes, all of the images are recent. Glad you like them.

    And an excellent point about public transit - a great adventure in itself.


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