Presentation Secrets

Well, maybe not secrets, but tips...

My overall goal in any presentation is threefold: to gain the attention of attendees, create participation, and to impart some key piece of information.

* Attention-getter: I like to break the rules of a "good" presentation in order to keep attendees on their toes. I love to move among attendees, never using a podium - I want to see their faces, read their body language.

* Create participation: Even if (and when) I'm absolutely brilliant, the info won't stick if attendees don't have a chance to engage in the process. As a presenter who cares about the end result, I must get true barometer readings throughout the program to understand what attendees are absorbing - like reading the wind when sailing.

* Key information: Prior to the presentation, I'll determine the few key concepts that must be absorbed for the program to be a success. Everything else is icing. Too often presenters - knowing their own brilliance - want to impart everything to their audience, which is foolishness.


  1. "like reading the wind when sailing" - Brenda, that one line expresses precisely why you are so great at what you do. You have such a gift with reading people, and I'm really glad you're sharing it here - keep it up!!


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